You have the power to
make a difference...
Now learn how to use it.


From Good Intentions to
Powerful Action for Social Justice:
How to Make a Difference


... is a six-week online group program for progressive people
alarmed by the US government’s rollback of human rights,
democracy, and environmental protections.

So many of us feel hopeless and helpless in these deeply disturbing times. Our government is committing atrocities daily. Paying attention to the news may sometimes feel like more than you can bear.

If you’re struggling with feelings of powerlessness, guilt, or despair, you’re not alone.

If you lie awake at night wondering how we’re going to get out of this mess, you’re not alone.

If you’re worried about our children’s future, you’re definitely not alone.

I’m guessing you’ve found this page because you want to be part of the solution. Part of the rising tide of principled and committed people who together will find a way to stop the runaway presidency and repair the damage that's already happened. You want to help.

But how? What could you do that would really matter?

How can you choose between all the issues you care about?

How can you fit social action into a life that’s already so busy?

... and where do you even begin?


I'm Emily Levy,
Founder of Power To
Make A Difference.

Emily Levy

I’m here to help you, whether or not you consider yourself “the activist type.”


Here's the thing.

I see so many progressive people stuck with feelings and questions like these. So stuck, in fact, that they take only occasional small actions. They share social media posts. They sign online petitions. They call Congress (or not). They might occasionally attend a protest. And they’re haunted by the sense that they could or should or must do more.

Does that sound familiar?

Wouldn't you like to move beyond that feeling of stuckness so you can take more effective action?

Research has shown that no government in the world has survived when even 3.5% of people engaged in active and sustained nonviolent action against it. Imagine if 3.5% of the US population turned things around and you weren’t part of it!

Now imagine if you were.

The World Needs Who You Are Right Now
Whatever your skills, interests, or passions, there’s a way for you to use them to help the U.S. get out of the mess it’s making at home and around the globe. Traditional activism is one way to get involved, and it's not the only way!


You don’t have to understand every detail of an issue or know all the answers in order to get started.

You simply have to be willing to say,
“I’m in,” and take it from there.

To say to future generations,
“You can count on me.”

To choose to take the next step, whatever that is for you, and trust that the path will reveal itself as you travel it.

I’m here to help you recognize those next steps and take them. That’s what From Good Intentions to Powerful Action for Social Justice -- How to Make a Difference is all about.

It’s a six-week online group program designed to help you move beyond any stuckness to become more powerfully active for social or environmental justice. I’ll share insights with you based on my decades of social justice work. I’ll lead you through interactive exercises for guided personal exploration designed to help you:

• Clarify the unique combination of skills and resources you have to offer
• Choose where you want to focus your work
• Address doubts, fears, and obstacles
• Connect with other committed world-changers
• Plan and take your next steps



Mining your unique combination of skills, resources and experience to find your most powerful opportunities for participation


How to choose what to work on when it feels like everything’s going to hell


How to get involved whether or not you think of yourself as an activist.


Connecting with other change-makers for mutual support

"BUT WHAT IF ...?"

Working for change in the face of challenges such as disability, parenting, immigration status, busyness, or isolation


Coping with fear, overwhelm, self-doubt, and actual danger


This program is for you if...

  • You’re feeling stuck or lost about how you can be most effective
  • You're isolated because the people around you don't share your politics
  • You’re already taking action and want to increase your impact
  • You care about so many issues that it’s hard to focus on one project
  • You have a social impact project in mind but it hasn’t gotten off the ground
  • You want your passion for justice to be reflected in your business or job

Members of marginalized communities are especially welcome.

This program is not for you if...

  • You’re happy with the direction the Republican party is leading the U.S. right now
  • You’re satisfied with your current participation in the movement for change
  • You’re primarily looking for in-depth education on political issues
  • You’re in search of a forum to debate political issues or candidates, or to advance your position by convincing others


  • Change the world course

    Six Weekly Video Presentations

    Each week you'll receive new content in a video you can watch at your convenience.


    Six Group Coaching Calls

    Ask questions, receive guidance, and learn from others in the program as they explore their own activism.

  • How to change the world

    Downloadable Resources

    Worksheets, resource lists and more will be provided in our membership area


    Online Community

    You'll be invited to join our private online group for peer support and discussion.

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    Audio Recordings

    Weekly videos will also be available in audio-only format. Listen as you would to a podcast.

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    Each week's content will be given to you in written form, too! Easily find that key part you wish you'd written down.

Members Will Also Receive an Invitation for Two to our Bonus Event:


You and a guest will be invited to join in this special online event, where I'll lead you through the Outright Insight Decision-Making Process I've developed to help people make a choice when multiple options are being considered.

In this two-hour group session, you'll gain new and actionable insights into one decision about your own life. Use the process to choose which social justice issue to address, which project to take on, or any other decision that will help you live the life of meaning and integrity you desire.



From Good Intentions to
Powerful Action for Social Change:
How To Make A Difference

Online Group Program

$97.00 - $197.00
Includes a ticket for two to the bonus online event:
Outright Insight.

Special Offer!

At the time of enrollment, you also have the option to book a private 45-minute consultation with Emily Levy to receive individualized attention.
(Value: $200)

Al Otro Lado

Note: 20% of enrollment fees will be donated to Al Otro Lado to support their work serving indigent deportees, migrants, and refugees in Tijuana and Los Ángeles. Organizational endorsement of this program has not been sought or received.


Feeling helpless and hopeless about the world situation can keep you stuck. Feelings of guilt about "not doing enough" won't motivate you, either. It's easy to want to give up, to turn away from the news because it's more painful than you can hold.

Our nation, our future, and our children need us to have a different response.

The program is designed to help you experience some or all of these things...

      • Clarity about what you can do
      • Being part of the flow of positive change
      • Sleeping better, knowing you're doing your part
      • Being inspired to work powerfully for change
      • Feeling pride of purpose
      • Creating a legacy
      • Learning to use your uniqueness to help the world
      • Feeling more powerful
      • Having a new relationship with current events
      • Being seen as a leader who inspires others... so you can live a meaningful life of impact.


Make a Difference Course

My inner fire for becoming more self-actualized as an activist relies on Emily for concrete steps, proven guidance, and, coaching chops. She helps me see where to go, what I can do, and that I should go do it. As someone who's given decades of life to making tangible change, she's uniquely qualified. I hope everyone works with her, period."

Andrea J. Lee

Make a Difference Course

Emily is a wise, thoughtful and caring teacher. She is also a wealth of experience and knowledge about strategy. She excels at listening deeply, asking the right questions and providing creative solutions to the inner and outer obstacles that arise. She provided me a safe place to address challenges and creative suggestions for action."

Kate Luna

Make a Difference Course

Participating in Emily’s Power to Make a Difference course was a helpful boost and structure for someone like me who has dabbled in social activism but has not yet found their long-term niche. In her course, I got to be part of a group of conscientious, compassionate people also clarifying their next steps with social activism.

Emily introduced us to frameworks to help us evaluate and focus our social activism topics, and wove in inspiring stories of activist victories from her own life and from other historical victories I hadn’t known about.

By the end of the course, I had a list of next steps as well as the ability to discern which of the myriad seemingly urgent social activism opportunities were a good fit for me."

Regina Fletcher

Make a Difference Course
Make a Difference Course
Make a Difference Course

Emily brings a combination of creative problem-solving skills, insight, and top-notch organizational abilities to her work. Her sense of humor and commitment to clear communication make working with her a pleasure."

Bill Baren

You’ll not find a harder working, more conscientious, more detail-oriented worker than Emily. She’d be a tremendous asset to any organization lucky enough, and smart enough, to get her on board. As you can tell, I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

Brad Friedman

I’ve always really loved the way you put together teachings and classes, and especially the way you balance information, facilitation, and personal reflection."

Diane Bloch