Calling All Candidates for President: Start Leading Now!

Use Your Campaign to Serve the Public Interest

It’s time to go beyond telling us what you believe in to concretely using your campaign to show the country what your presidency would look like. 

Want Medicare for all? Have volunteers giving free blood pressure checks at county fairs. 

Is improved education part of your platform? Campaign events could include story hours for children. 

Replace thousand dollar a plate fundraisers with free meals for the unhoused, funded by your large donors. 

Then get your volunteers trained to be election monitors, because we must have public oversight for our elections.

More ideas in video.

A Challenge to Progressive Presidential Candidates — Because We Can't Wait for You to Be Elected

Calling all US presidential candidates — your leadership must begin now, with how you run your campaign!Here's how that could look.

Posted by The Power to Make a Difference on Thursday, August 1, 2019
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